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A.C.E. & TakeOver Ent.

  1. I'm So Fly - A.C.E. x R Da Man
  2. Don't Compare Me To Him - Genisys
  3. Got Me Some Haters - A.C.E. x R Da Man
  4. Work Out - A.C.E.
  5. Loud Pack - A.C.E. x Yung Euro x R Da Man
  6. SELF - A.C.E. x OUTSANE
  7. We Back Soon - A.C.E. x Kris Payne
  8. Immaculate Savages - A.C.E. x R Da Man
  9. Spook (Interlude)
  10. Ain't Nothin' Out There - A.C.E. x OUTSANE
  11. What I Got (Working Title) - A.C.E. x OUTSANE
  12. 40 Bars (Hol' That) - A.C.E. x Kris Payne
  13. Somethin' To Die For - A.C.E. x S. Harv x OUTSANE x R Da Man


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Hip Hop is ALIVE!!!!!

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