Jan 1, 2009



All it took was a web cam, some lyrics, and mutual respect and appreciation for music to form the eccentric bond entitled Genisys. The young group began their exploration into hip-hop by free styling verses and posting it on Facebook. The venture played upon the ciphers emcees utilized in the beginning stages of hip-hop to display their talents. The group labeled the project 119 Cipher Series—the dorm room number of A.C.E. The ciphers gain an instant popularity influencing the dynamic duo to bring a breath of fresh air into the hip-hop music. Genisys’s pursuit began with the drive to become the face of hip-hop on the Syracuse University Campus, but has since surpassed the walls of SU evolving into revitalizing hip-hop to producing quality that is subdued by get-money-quick music.

The summer of 2009 parented Genisys first steps into the industry: promoting the creation of their first mixtape, "Lyrical Exercise," featuring single "What U Wanna Do," which hit the air waves of Z89 Radio. The album is a self-production, created by a lo-fi rig with a mic, a laptop and Cool Edit Pro. The group holds their own when creating new projects, producing much of it themselves, giving the twosome the ability to manage and formulate a distinctive illustration to hip-hop lovers.

While maintaining the unity within, the group simultaneously emphasizes individualism allocating opportunities for each member to exhibit their talents through solo pieces integrated within the album. The group is intricately constructed to emit a feel of distinction between each member, while still presenting them as a whole. The group has shared their talents on staged with various artists such as Jesse Boykins III and appeared in Jerk Magazine.

~~The Sound~~

The name encompasses the essence of the group. Their music emphasizes the creation of a new form of hip-hop music—combining Da God 6EE Brooklyn swag with A.C.E.'s "Strong" Island flow fostering an individualistic sound. From every aspect the group brings something original to the game ensuring quality and diversity in every word, beat, and song escaping from their mouth. According to Jerk Magazine, "...the tandem seamlessly jumps between styles, keeping listeners tuned into a singular, Genisys sound." The group prides itself on the inability to be categorized. The many attributes incorporated into their music makes it difficult to fit into one specific genre. One song is incomparable to the other. The only permissible constraint is hip-hop: anything further would diminish the peculiarity of the group.

The group infuses alternative hip-hop with urban street hip-hop, while pledging that the lyrics reflect the truth—if it did not happen, the thought never touches paper. Gimmicks are not characteristics held by the duo.


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