Oct 11, 1990



On October 11, 1990 in Manhattan, NY, Jason Adams was born. Fueled with inspiration from seventh grade peers A.C.E. was catipulted into the hobby of writing and making music. His career started with the name of Jaybird and as his talent matured, his name did as well, into the name of A.C.E.
A.C.E.'s aspiration to pursue a career in hip-hop emerged in the ninth grade (2004), when he joined a rap group with his school mates named "Slim" and "Sunny." His group mate Slim introduced him to a producer that started A.C.E. into the right direction.
His first musical relationship was between him and a producer by the name of E, who helped him to record his first song "10% Music, 90% Business;" a title inspired by a saying from his late Uncle Roquel Billy Davis, who was also songwriter, and served as inspiration for A.C.E. early in his life. A.C.E. continued his career collaborating with various artists in his current location Long Island.
In 2007, A.C.E.’s musical talents were “talked up” to Queen’s artist Nyce. He then began constructing music under Nyce’s Most H8ted label, which transformed into Blue Collar Gentlemen. Utilizing social media, A.C.E. released singles through Myspace building a library of sleek words and perplexing hooks. With every new piece of music, he took his skills to the next level.
In 2008, college allowed A.C.E. to hone in on his desire of pursuing a music career from his multiple performances at "open-mic-nights" and college shows. His musical talents lead him to a talented MC on campus, Godfrey "Da God 6EE" Henry.
The two started rapping together freshman year, and formed a super-duo named Genisys. During that Fall of 2009 A.C.E.’s focus became more about music and less on academics as the semester went on, subsequently his grades started slipping and he decided to go back home to Long Island in 2010 to get his head right.
When he arrived back in L.I. he reunited with an old high school friend and fellow MC, Kris Payne and formed an alliance with Kris Payne’s Kommission and his own TakeOver Ent. After working on music with both his and Payne’s team and attending community college for a year A.C.E. came back up to Syracuse with his mind right—ready to create in a space where he could foster his skills, and ready to do whatever he had to do to stay there.
Since then, A.C.E. has been tirelessly creating material with a “failure is not an option” mentality. The Summer of 2011 allowed him the opportunity to begin collaborating with another high school friend and MC, OUTSANE, who would serve as an older brother and a mentor that reminded him to be more conscious of himself and his environment…reminding him rap should come from the heart. With this spirit, A.C.E. recorded, engineered, and produced a collaborative mixtape along with artists from both TakeOver Ent., Kommission, and OUTSANE’s Indigenous Disposition. The title Artistic Creative Energy: The Mixtape, came directly from A.C.E.’s name and as NewTasteMag.com stated, “encompassed the presence of Artistry, Creativity, and Energy.”
A.C.E. continues to work continuously to improve his skills not only as a rapper, but also as a record producer, entrepreneur, and ultimately as a human being.

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I LOVE YOU!! You are soo hott!!

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